fake call Bear adventure prank

Love playing mini-games? Do you want to delight your loved ones with a prank call from you? Get ready to have your loved ones experience a real-looking fake calling experience with a super bear adventure where you see a bear photo on the other side of the call. “Fake Call from super Bear adventure ” is one of the best and free prank caller games with the best puzzle games and also has a feature to start a prank call from a bear. It’s a great way to keep your friends engaged by having them talk to a bear on a fake call. It’s the most unique prank-calling experience that you or your loved ones can enjoy. When getting a prank call from a bear, you can set a bear’s photo to show up on the screen when the call is started. Using this prank caller app, you can start a prank call on your phone whenever you want and however you want. You can even schedule prank calls from yourself using this prank caller. Setting up a prank call on this prank caller app is absolutely fun and easy. Run the application and wait a moment * Choose your option to make fake call from super bear . * You have a simple calling with amazing design for you * Can you use live chat cat or fake call video or calling voice * Fake Video call we are used the Camera to live Video with super bear adventure * Start the live video yourself and make a real live chat with cartoon characters. * Amazing design to all age and wonderful color. * Enjoy with this application and make prank to your friends.You can make a surprise for your friends or to show off on your social media.


Optimization for smartphones

Our app is perfectly optimized for your devices. This ensures smooth and responsive functionality!

Camera operation

The app works perfectly with your smartphone camera to implement augmented reality features!

Pleasant Surprises

Various promotions and gifts await you inside the app. This will be a pleasant surprise for you!


The app data and your settings are always available from the cloud, allowing you to always and everywhere.

New approach to design

The design of the application was developed according to modern standards. New technologies and modern tools have been used to realize the naturalness and realism of visual objects.


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  • Last update: 17.03.2023

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