Why Giraffes Are Slowly Disappearing From the Planet

Giraffes struggling through climate change, but experts say that they have been undergoing a "silent extinction"
Time may be running out for giraffes.

In case you missed it: Giraffes have been added to the list of endangered animals. 

If this comes as a shock to you, you’re not alone. Giraffes haven’t gotten much press amid other stories of animals struggling through climate change, but experts say that they have been undergoing a “silent extinction” for years now. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) keeps a Red List of Threatened Species, and they’ve just added two subspecies of giraffes — the Kordofan and the Nubian — to the “Critically Endangered” category

Why Giraffes Are Now Endangered Animals

Why are giraffes in danger of dying out?

Human activity.

There are two big causes of population decline for giraffes, and both are man-made problems. First, humans have been relentlessly encroaching on giraffe’s natural habitat. As cities, towns, and industries expand into the countryside, giraffes have fewer places to go for food and safe places to raise their young. Second, giraffe poaching is a major problem — especially since their tails are seen as an important status symbol. Giraffes may also be hunted for food when other meats are scarce.

Why Are Giraffes Under the Radar?

Conservationists have been worried about giraffe populations for years, but the average person has no idea that they could be heading toward extinction. This is mostly because giraffes have a strong presence in zoos and in popular culture, so most people assume they are fine. If they can visit giraffes on a Saturday afternoon, they can’t be endangered, right?

Unfortunately, this line of thinking isn’t just incorrect — it’s also dangerous. It leads to a false sense of security that allows a “silent extinction” to happen right under our noses.

How to Help 

Fortunately, there are several ways to help giraffes and the many other endangered animals around the world. Check out these organizations to see how you can donate or volunteer to help the cause:

Giraffes are disappearing, but so are other animals. The list is long, and some of your favorites are probably on it: polar bears, Bengal tigers, elephants, and spider monkeys are just a few. It’s easy to get depressed, but it’s better to act. That’s why Cause Wines supports conservation efforts with every bottle of wine you purchase. We want to make sure that giraffes are part of our world for many generations to come. Let’s make it happen!

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